For those asking why I am thinking about setting up my own Mastodon instance: it's because I would like to have a permanent identity linked to a domain I control, as opposed to being on a specific random instance I might want to leave later, thereby losing my identity/established network.

@buzz I suspect that in practice this would be like setting up your own NNTP server: in return for the benefit of a 'permanent' identity you end up having to accept near-infinite streams of federated toots, forever.

@peterb Mastodon really needs a better approach to identity.

@buzz same reason we set up web and email servers.

@fraying @buzz I think back to the day I decommissioned my email server (with its incredible use of bandwidth for such little benefit) with such fondness.

@buzz Thinking the same thing but pretty afraid to approach it as I fear it'll be over my head.

@Moltz @buzz John, I used for mine. It's five euro's per month, the support is great, and it's working really well.

@buzz i’m doing this as an experiment and i’m thinking of managing it for a friend group / their friends. but i don’t know how worth it it is for a single user

@buzz I wanted to “own” my own content and identity too, and solved the problem by setting up a WordPress-based microblog that syndicates/crossposts to other platforms. So anything I post to (the permanent record that I control) is crossposted to Twitter and Mastodon.

@buzz I had the same thought. Let us know how it goes. And make docker images for single user mastodon instances. ^^

@buzz Speaking of this, I bet branded companies will setup their own Mastodon instance if they want to join the elephant communities.

I've been thinking the same thing, however seems like a bit of a hassle too. I don't think I'm active enough to maintain it.

But yeah I feel you about some of the random instances. I was turned off by some due to seemingly arbitrarily odd restrictions.

@buzz I've been thinking about this. If an owner of an instance tires of running it, then the identities on the instance go with it. Similarly, the culture around an instance is bound to change over time with a resultant ebb and flow of users.

I wonder if the idea of a permanent identity is then not particularly practical for most users.

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