Urge to set up own Mastodon instance rising...

@buzz Just figuring it out - clearly took me a second to figure out what server I wanted to be on. What's the benefit of your own server?

@caryl Just permanence basically. It would be my own domain, I would control it.

@caryl One of the problems I think we're all going to run into with Mastodon is that someday we'll want to switch instances but our identity won't come along.

@buzz Yeah - I can see this, given that I already moved once when I figured out I was just on a random server that seemed like it was mostly in FR.

@buzz @caryl there's an issue on GitHub discussing migrating users with recent activity, probably just a matter of time

@nickoneill @buzz There's also a feature that looks like it forwards my 'mistake' account to this one in the settings. Not sure exactly what that did.

@buzz It's actually quite easy, especially if you use mastohost. I'm using them and like it. I plan on keeping it really small.

@buzz I just did it, but it wasn't too hard since I already self-host several other services at home. But I'm new to Mastodon so it's also taking some time to learn and find people to follow / instances to federate with

@buzz it was harder than it should be but not actually that bad. I wish there was a simpler option for self-hosted single user or small user installs.

@ian @buzz Good opportunity for a fun name, too. Minidon? Mammoth? Microdon? Nanodon? Infinidon?

@ian @buzz yeah was wondering about this as well, the codebase looks quite monolithic! A slimmed down, minimal one that'd run in a free cloud instance would be great. E.g. for just identity, reading and posting, not scaling to tons of users.

@case @ian Yes, I was thinking the same thing! In the meantime, I’m probably gonna set something up on masto.host with the andersen.social domain I just registered.

@buzz Maybe a new version of Birdfeed, but with tusks? Just workshopping here.

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