Just a reminder to everyone over here that I’m actually over at @buzz now. Namaste.

I hate to do this since I’m getting a following here, but I just set up @buzz and am planning to transition to that. Hopefully last time I will switch instances.

Lots of questions about abuse/moderation on Mastodon and how it’s different from Twitter.

This article goes into detail and explains a lot of how it works here.

Some things seem different (e.g. no global search, no ‘retweet’ with comments). But once you read the rationale behind it it makes sense.

*definitely* worth reading if you’re planning on sitting around here for a while.


My favorite is Desert Flippers, both because I love Palm Springs and because they do great work. I’ve also been enjoying Vintage Flippers, which is all in the LA area, at least partly because every single episode there is a moment when the lady makes some awful color choice and the guy is like “Ehhhhh I don’t knowwwww,” and he is always 100% correct.

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Essay idea I don’t have time to write: my latest comfort TV discovery is HGTV flipper shows. I find them reassuring and soothing because you’ll see them take on, like, a former meth den with dog feces on the carpet and turn the place into a gleaming mid-century inspired space for what feels to me like a shockingly small amount of money.

Half serious idea: one of those TinyLetter type services, but for parents mailing their adult kids.

“Do I need visual aids? Must I dress up as an eigenvector? Must I bake relational-database cupcakes? What is wrong with you?” newyorker.com/magazine/2018/08

@bobtiki @buzz @zacbir @aral 1. Sign up with @mastohost 2. There is no two

(We started hosting Ind.ie’s and Laura’s instances there recently and it's been a breeze. Will be moving mine there too for the reasons you mentioned: I can do with administering one less VPS) :)

As more hosted solutions like that emerge, there is no hassle to having your own instance. Since it's free and open, you can also move to another host at any time.

@buzz it was harder than it should be but not actually that bad. I wish there was a simpler option for self-hosted single user or small user installs.

For those asking why I am thinking about setting up my own Mastodon instance: it's because I would like to have a permanent identity linked to a domain I control, as opposed to being on a specific random instance I might want to leave later, thereby losing my identity/established network.

Live footage of leftist irony Twitter's migration to Mastodon.

Urge to set up own Mastodon instance rising...

Not saying it’s an entirely bad idea, just—maybe needs some rethinking. Like, what if it was presented more like a tag, and then you could offer users the option to filter that tag?

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Content warnings just make me want to see the content more TBH.

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