Is there a place to look up domains based on reputation, moderation practices?

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OK that’s enough. I think I need to find a domain that doesn’t tolerate so many bots and commercial advertising. It’s clogging up my feeds.

Pop-up Space Exhibit this weekend in SF Bay Area 

The Veterans Memorial Building of San Ramon Valley and the The Town of Danville Present the Veterans Day (weekend) pop-up museum “SPACE” through 11/13

I'm sitting around on a Friday night... talking with friends about the first time we all got electrocuted. 🤔​😂​😭​

My Friday night tradition since the pandemic began is to watch (or in some cases rewatch) an episode of the UK TV show Taskmaster, which I swear to you, is the funniest thing ever put on television.

If you're in #seattle, I'm giving a talk at the museum of history and industry (#MOHAI) next Saturday (11/19) and I'm super excited about it!

I'll be giving a very high-level introduction to what "#AI" systems even are, and how human decisions are every step of development shape what they become.

#tech #ethicalai #artificialintelligence

:blobmask: Rebelling against the normalization of ableism towards physical and mental health problems :blobcatdab2:

In case this needs saying, I'm very explicitly anti NFT and "AI Art" as it stands.

I think if an artist wants to play with their own art using AI techniques that's honestly rad as heck, but let's face it that's not what's happening.

AI Art is built on art theft and that's just not okay

Today is 11/11/2022… or 11/11/2022 if you’re American.

Woke feeling really awful this morning. Yuck. Stomach, though empty, amass upset. Pepto and a little rest seems to have helped. Yay!

Happy Veteran’s Day to everyone who has served this beloved country in our world’s finest military! Your sacrifice is appreciated.

#military #veteransday # veterans

I am confused as to how a reporter for a major mainstream publication could come onto Mastodon, write an entire article about it that repeatedly insists that posts are called "twoots."

First off, they were called "toots" not "twoots" and second is that that name has been deprecated on many servers, and Mastodon's creator no longer calls them that.

Remember, kids, the most powerful privacy control is to not collect the data in the first place.

For some reason I'm getting this strong vibe that the good guys may actually be winning.

"The Programmer's Credo: We do these things not because they are easy, but because we thought they were going to be easy."

"there's a sort of normal only autistic people are capable of"

This is going to be a longer thread, which will be an introduction to one topic, that is near and dear to my heart.
The Zuse Z23 computer.
Why? Well, it's from 1959, has 3500 transistors and works on 40bit words without having an instruction counter or many other things one takes for granted in computers (note: I use processor and computer interchangeable here, as this separation didn't make any sense for this computer)
That is roughly the same transistor count as a 6502, which only had 8bit!


#retrocomputing #vt200
This one took a bit longer to post because a) I hadn't power tested this term in a while and it had a keyboard error, b) I had to find the right sequence of adapters and the MMJ (modified modular jack) adapter

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