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I love and live in .

I work in and I'm also a - often working in . Big on and simple communication in my work. Fan of people and big picture, system-level thinking.

I also organize and tech-adjacent events and work on a sweet life-charting app called Entire.Life.

Big on - usually reading a dozen books across genres. Give me recs! Recently started relearning . Always looking for the next thing to learn.

@Monsieur_celibataire Oh no! How extra-stressful for everyone. Fingers crossed for future good health.

@upmasingh So do I. She was a champ through the blood draw. This will be our first adventure with kitty pills, too.

@upmasingh Thanks! We think it’s a UTI. She’s getting blood work right now, just since she’s older.

@Monsieur_celibataire That’s what she was doing right before we came here! She’s about 10 years old and I think we’re dealing with kitty’s first UTI. Everyone is distressed.

We’re having a bit of a day. Not sure which of us it’s worse for.

@bowers I need to beef up my JS skills. React is on my list. It seems intense! I also want to get better with JS for a11y reasons. There are always so many things to learn.

Probably one of the saddest parts of leaving birdsite was that I’d spent a pretty decent amount of time trying to add and follow a lot more women in tech, and I miss hearing from them.

Help me balance my follows out and suggest some awesome to follow (cis/trans, it’s all good). Boost this, maybe even reply with yourself, maybe we can get a good list of voices.

@bowers That’s me! Full-stack web dev and newish superfan, plus an organizer of tech and tech-adjacent events.

@bowers It’ll take some getting used to, but so far, it seems worth it

@upmasingh @alexhillman Thanks! I can see that. You get to start fresh, but that means you’re, uh, starting fresh. It’s daunting.

@upmasingh @alexhillman I’m so jazzed to see this interaction. Already happy to be here!

@jag Clearly I’m using Airtable wrong because yours looks way lovelier than anything I’ve done

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