Heading on over to our new Philly-centric instance: jawns.club

I'm so excited already. Follow me at @brianalmorgan@jawns.club

@curtismchale I absolutely LOVE that! It's like a website-based commonplace book. How'd you make it?

@chaeseco There's a variety of coffees on these socks, and I love them all! Except maybe the mochas. They tend to be too sweet for my taste.

Our network server is down and this just happened to my boot while I was wearing it. This is not my week. At least I have a great cobbler!

The seemingly obligatory intro:
I am based, I’m a , , , not always in that order, I do a little , and have been considering doing some , late at night I and conjure up edible magic in my - I’m loud, I’m obsessive and my middle name is (seriously, it’s rant) oh and for comedic effect I bend the truth into the shape of a pretzel, not one of those NYC pretzels a philly pretzel - which if you didn’t know is mostly knot, Hi!

self care, boo 

@bowers @selfcare I think I could basically anything with Karamo’s encouragement

@alexhillman @mikeyil Woah. That sounds so great for dealing with conference spam!

@jacobherrington I hear that! We moved into an apartment with a wall of built-in bookshelves a few months ago. I’ve used it to justify an obscene number of purchases. I had to add a book line item to my budget.

To curb the book acquisition, a friend suggested that I give myself a challenge to work my way through my shelves, and then update pages related to the book and/or author on Wikipedia.

Tired level: just tried to light a candle with a tube of chapstick

@jacobherrington Ooo, nice selections! I have LotR on my shelf, but haven’t actually read them. This is my current stack (plus ebooks and audio). I’m getting different things out of each. Mr. President has been especially fascinating. Also working my way through The Artist’s Way electronically, and I wish I’d done it sooner!

Currently reading "One from Many: Visa and the Rise of Chaordic Organization" by Dee Hock, on a recommendation from @sarahjbray's interview on @jag's podcast. It is not at all what I assumed it would be like. It is much lovelier.

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