Our network server is down and this just happened to my boot while I was wearing it. This is not my week. At least I have a great cobbler!

@brianalmorgan the question is, what kind of coffee? mine would be filled with cold brew only. 😄

@chaeseco There's a variety of coffees on these socks, and I love them all! Except maybe the mochas. They tend to be too sweet for my taste.

@brianalmorgan lately I've been cold-brewing coffee then making a diluted version in my morning from the concentrate with some milk and a little bit of sugar.

I ike my coffee and teas hot and a bit sweet. but I'm not a fan of super sweet; just enough for taste and to counter bitterness... which my cold brew lacks. 😄

This week I bought a 2nd cold brew vat; to make more at once.

This week I'm experimented with a dark chocolate blend + my normal blend. tasty stuff.

@chaeseco That is quite fancy-looking! How's it work?

@brianalmorgan get a vat (or 'kit") ...i course grind the whole coffee beans myself then and put grounds in to the vat (with the filter in-place), pour water in, stash it in the fridge for 24 hours, take it out and drain it (using what's built into that specific kit).

I put about a liter of water in (32 oz) and get about 16 ~ 20 oz out.

clean up isn't too bad. I ratchet a knife around the inside of the vat to loosen up the grounds.... then with a couple swift taps dump the grounds into the trash. scoop any sludge into the trash... then rinse, clean and dry.

the hard part is when grinding the coffee and scooping it out and into storage is to make sure I do the whole thing over parchment paper for easy clean-up and wipe down afterwards.

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