Considering a Philly-centric Masodon instance called Would be public and moderated (account invite by request) so I don't really wanna run it alone.

Anybody interested? Anybody wanna co-moderate? Must love Philly, have some experience and interest in communities. Actively avoiding an all white dudes membership and mod crew from day 0, so let's play.

My main interest here is having a local-focused place for sharing and organizing local stuff, and even organizing stuff offline.

Early twitter is how I coordinated with so many Philly friends. It allowed for serendipity to happen on a city wide scale. It was magic.

It still happens but less often when your timeline becomes mixed with local and non-local people. Kinda wanna see if we can recreate the magic.

Exciting update: is now live!

I'm gonna get my head wrapped around the tools and reach out to volunteer mods before opening invited but this is looking good 🙌

@alexhillman dude that's awesome!! I'm thinking about setting up a non-philly instance for people who want to support each other’s work via collaboration, professional development, coaching, community, etc.

Would love to hear how your setup goes.

Also, if I wasn't clear, I'd love to help support the Philly one as a mod, but I hear ya and respect the whole "not just white dudes" intention. So, I'm here if there's space for me.

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