I love and live in .

I work in and I'm also a - often working in . Big on and simple communication in my work. Fan of people and big picture, system-level thinking.

I also organize and tech-adjacent events and work on a sweet life-charting app called Entire.Life.

Big on - usually reading a dozen books across genres. Give me recs! Recently started relearning . Always looking for the next thing to learn.

@brianalmorgan what is the best book you are reading right now?

I'm reading JavaScript Allongé, Hit Makers, and LotR.

@jacobherrington Ooo, nice selections! I have LotR on my shelf, but haven’t actually read them. This is my current stack (plus ebooks and audio). I’m getting different things out of each. Mr. President has been especially fascinating. Also working my way through The Artist’s Way electronically, and I wish I’d done it sooner!

@brianalmorgan My wife listens to Elizabeth Gilbert's podcast. I've heard a few episodes by osmosis.

I spend more on books than anyone is entitled to, need to spend more time in the library. 🤷‍♂️

@jacobherrington I hear that! We moved into an apartment with a wall of built-in bookshelves a few months ago. I’ve used it to justify an obscene number of purchases. I had to add a book line item to my budget.

To curb the book acquisition, a friend suggested that I give myself a challenge to work my way through my shelves, and then update pages related to the book and/or author on Wikipedia.

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