We’re having a bit of a day. Not sure which of us it’s worse for.

@brianalmorgan Ugh. I have two old cats, and I've had to cart them to the vet multiple times all summer. Now they just sit in the bathroom and stare at me with hate.

@Monsieur_celibataire That’s what she was doing right before we came here! She’s about 10 years old and I think we’re dealing with kitty’s first UTI. Everyone is distressed.

@brianalmorgan Oooh. I hear ya. My boy cat has had "crystals" 3 times in his life. Creeping around your house looking for pee is as intrusive feeling as having a home break-in.

@brianalmorgan Oh yeah. My vet is about a hour hour away- so there's a lot of crying in the car, crying at the vet while they wrap him up like a burrito in a banket (to keep him from biting and clawing) and crying on the way home. It's been a GREAT summer.

@Monsieur_celibataire Oh no! How extra-stressful for everyone. Fingers crossed for future good health.

@upmasingh Thanks! We think it’s a UTI. She’s getting blood work right now, just since she’s older.

@brianalmorgan we had that a couple months ago with my 17 year old black and white cat. Hope that's all it is!

@upmasingh So do I. She was a champ through the blood draw. This will be our first adventure with kitty pills, too.

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