Alright guys. I’m closing up and moving over to a new instance. Follow me over at @bobby — sorry for the false start here!

For those of you not listening to the NoAgenda Podcast, it's pretty great.

Two of my critical influences in different stages of my life.

@adam was a founding force in MTV's early days, and that media presence got me to go after a DJ job(paid, for real) in radio at age 14.

@Johncdvorak while on TechTV helped me get through the hump between college and my IT career...

Peanut Butter and Chocolate... Just don't try to figure out which is which.

If I wanted to up and move to another instance, I guess I leave all of my toots behind, right?

Maybe I’ll just leave a note here saying where I went and export my “following” list?

Just installed OpenBSD 6.1 on my ThinkPad x120e. It’s my first OpenBSD install. So far, so good.

I saw some Japanese people blaming themselves for being bad English speakers. That's one of the reason why they are migrating to
What a sad story

Just clicked “Mute 9gag”. Finally have Mastodon _just_ the way I like it.


Taking photo of Trains is one of my hobby.
There're taken by me

A pride of lions.
A murder of crows.
A federation of nerds.

Tooting this again because of the unceasing flood of new users:

For those who dont know, the federated timeline displays all the activity from all the people on other instances who are followed by people on your instance.

It is therefore very good practice to follow as many interesting people from other instances as possible. We are the ropes binding this distributed system together.


i dont know what everyones talking about, i switched from twitter to mastodon and now i have _more_ followers

Yes, I'm using Google Translate to talk to Japanese people, because IT'S COOL TO LIVE IN THE FUTURE, PEOPLE!

Any Japanese amateur radio operators on here yet?


Hmm… Maybe I should write a bot that finds Japanese toots and replies to them with an English translation.

I'm having fun reading all of these Japanes toots. And by "reading" I mean "passing through Google Translate”.

私はこれらの日本のおしゃべりをすべて読んで楽しんでいます。 そして、「読んで」私は「Google翻訳を通過する」ことを意味します。

ITM everyone..found the keyboard -- it was on the floor:grinning:

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