I’ve been lurking around the conversations for a while now, and I think I can safely say that I want a future where everything I need is in a sub-64kb rom and can run on whatever computer I choose.

I’m on day 3 of the compudanzas tutorial and things are clicking! Reminds me of my college courses where I programmed a Motorola chip to drive some 7 segment displays (but this is way more exciting and fun)

I can't wait to get into it. The sample programs I've seen give me all kinds of feels.
It's like it's part Classic Mac, part C64, part HP graphing calculator 🤣

I wonder if @neauoire would be open to a #Varvara Plus (a couple megs of RAM via bank switching or some other means) and a Varvara II (8-bit color, maybe HAM or halfbrite video modes, and a few more megs of RAM) down the road.

Just not a Varvara IIfx. Nobody needs that much power. 🤣

@RL_Dane @neauoire yes! All of this! There’s something nostalgic and very, very practical about it all. I’m hoping to get far enough along to get some POC roms built for myself. Maybe I can even teach my kids a little something about postfix, stack based programming.

@RL_Dane @brainofdane no, I haven't seen anyone even pushing varvara to the limits of what it can do.

Also, 4 colors should be enough for most things ;)

@RL_Dane @brainofdane @neauoire it's already possible to simulate memory banks currently using file I/O to swap out banks. i think until people push the limits of that it's hard to justify building a whole new VM just to add memory.

@d6 @brainofdane @neauoire

Actually, I was wondering if something like that would be possible, so... groovy! :D

I'd still love to see some graphics hackery possibilities, like raster interrupts (à la Atari 800) or something like that ^__^

@RL_Dane @d6 @brainofdane yeah, I mean, my website needs a LOT more than 64kb to be generated, but you can "make new memory" by abusing the file devices :)

@neauoire @d6 @brainofdane

I'd love to see some crazy clever hacker make demos for Varvara. That's why I'm always curious about what can be extended/abused for different purposed :D

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