I messed around and installed OpenBSD on my Thinkpad T400 tonight. My first encounter with BSD ever after using Linux for over 20 years. Let’s see what kind of trouble I can get into.

I finally decided to try vimwiki.

This could be life changing.

Hey @vkc your video content is great, and your production quality just keeps getting better. Keep up the great work!

The world of technology continues to get bigger and more complex, while my technological interests continue to get smaller, simpler, and more focused.

Is there a name for that?

This is just my way of saying, “hey, I still kind of care about upcycling old tech, and I’m kinda miffed that the shiny new software stuff doesn’t make room for that.”

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I haven’t completely abandoned the idea of making a chat bot, but I got all excited about the idea of Natural Language Processing/Understanding in the process of writing one.

After driving down that road for a while, I came to a screeching halt when I realized that some libraries for NLP/NLU require tensorflow, which doesn’t seem to support my older computers I tend to develop on.

Now I’m back to simple regex routing, which is fun, but more work to make the conversation feel natural.

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Got the kid some new color pencils and decided to test them out myself. They're alright!

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I dug up an old 7200RPM 500GB laptop hard drive yesterday and rejoiced! Now my homelab server has a dedicated 160GB OS drive and all the media and files are hosted on the 500GB drive. Digitizing more of my old DVDs as I type.

Repurposing old tech brings me so much joy.

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For the price of a Netflix/Amazon yearly subscription you could join a local yacht club and sail shared sailboats. :tealheart:

Our neighbors gave us their canoe! The fleet is growing!

I’m tinkering with the idea of building a chatbot for fun. Looks like there’s a lot of cool libraries and frameworks out there in all sorts of languages.

I stumbled across this gem while looking at woodcuts and I couldn’t sleep until I tracked down the meaning. Apparently it means “flamboyant rowing” and it was used by a French navy admiral?

The flaming oar! The arm sticking out of the cloud! It’s just cool.


A not-insignificant part of my life is me explaining to people that I didn’t get past season 2 of Stranger Things because it was too dark, so I have nothing to add to the conversation.

People usually tell me it was wise to stop there because it gets much worse.

*awkward pause*

Why do we do this to ourselves?

So… Top Gun: Maverick was really good. I can’t say enough good things about it.

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Re-watching Top Gun in preparation for seeing Maverick, and I’m beginning to think I’ve weirdly only ever seen the TV edited version. It’s not much, but it does hit a little different.

Does anyone else get a feeling of satisfaction when your Casio G-Shock just… works? I mean, look at the features!

- Battery life for YEARS
- Rugged
- No wireless connectivity issues
- Flawless timekeeping
- Calendar
- Timer
- Alarm
- Readable display
- Backlight
- Water resist

Just a time keeping rock on my wrist for years with no issues or planned obsolescence.

Also, how do we become less reliant on fossil fuels and electricity?

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After traveling across the west and seeing the drought first hand, my head is brimming with ideas for our little homestead. How do we become self sustaining in the near future and for the long term?

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