In our house, Dude is a genderless pronoun. My wife’s a dude, I’m a dude, my daughter is a dude. Because the Dude Abides in us all. mastodon.cloud/media/_cQb--UBZ


Not sure if this look is smoldering, zero fucks to give, or just exhausted. My selfie game is weak. mastodon.cloud/media/2cajuOnqR

Fuck the manic pixie dream girl… it’s all about Kim and Knives.

It’s hard to hear the story of the love affair between two straight men… one of whom is the most divine woman alive.

Y’all wanna play some joccer? Or is it jootball?

I adore the people I’ve met on the ol’ Masto, but I am missing me some darth.


Just made a lovely evening cuppa. Some foxtrot herbal (chamomile, peppermint, rooibos, vanilla) with honey.

Once again, I need to get over the “it’s too hot for tea in Texas” thing and do this all the time.

Since Burt got out of here, and in celebration of my wife getting this photo flagged and removed from Facebook, here’s Burt’s fuzzy best… mastodon.cloud/media/nbH7AI_VT

Barbecue hot take 

I’m not a native Texan and I honestly dislike a lot of what people are proud of in this state, but goddamn central Texas does BBQ right. mastodon.cloud/media/l5gmf6iWI

Introducing the missus to the GBBO. Stress-free tv.

New Music Friday 

White Denim’s new album, Performance, just dropped today. I’ve only listened to two songs so far, but they’ve dialed back the cheese of Stiff and I’m digging so far. song.link/album/us/i/137649937

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