K, I think it’s time for me to find a new instance. Any suggestions for somewhere solid and full of quality peoples? I have some ideas, but I don’t want to start hopping around.

@bowers Come to eigenmagic! We are far away in an authoritarian regime that wants to break encryption.
No wait…!

@daedalus I can only join your instance if I live in oz. So how can you make that happen? (It’s a slightly lesser messed up dystopia, even if all the flora and fauna are trying to kill you. Including dropbears)

@bowers you don't have to live here to join the instance. In fact, it makes the spooks jobs harder. If we have members subject to GDPR we all are. Oh no!

@bowers "Quality" is pretty broad, what kind of tone & topics are you hoping for? is a list of instances actively moderated against bigotry.

@mcmoots good question… it’s hard to suss out what a group will be like. I’m relatively open to topics, but it always felt weird choosing an instance tied to one.

Funny thing is I started on a year or so ago (before I got how this all worked), but ironically moved to .cloud because the local wasn’t teeming with conversation. 😄

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