Probably one of the saddest parts of leaving birdsite was that I’d spent a pretty decent amount of time trying to add and follow a lot more women in tech, and I miss hearing from them.

Help me balance my follows out and suggest some awesome to follow (cis/trans, it’s all good). Boost this, maybe even reply with yourself, maybe we can get a good list of voices.

@bowers That’s me! Full-stack web dev and newish superfan, plus an organizer of tech and tech-adjacent events.

@brianalmorgan nice! I don’t want to reveal the last time I dabbled with Django, as I’ll feel publicly old. 😅 but after several years of not coding, I’ve spent the last few weeks playing with react… reminds me why I stick to the UX side.

@bowers I need to beef up my JS skills. React is on my list. It seems intense! I also want to get better with JS for a11y reasons. There are always so many things to learn.


@brianalmorgan I found starting with Gatsby and related tutorials to be super helpful, but yeah, I’m shockingly bad at JS. I’m amazed I’ve built up about 90% of a design system site with it, though.

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