Probably one of the saddest parts of leaving birdsite was that I’d spent a pretty decent amount of time trying to add and follow a lot more women in tech, and I miss hearing from them.

Help me balance my follows out and suggest some awesome to follow (cis/trans, it’s all good). Boost this, maybe even reply with yourself, maybe we can get a good list of voices.

@bowers wow the response to this has been overwhelming… I’m going to do my best to check out all the suggestions and rad women involved here! And you don’t have to be some known rockstar/unicorn/guru silliness… I’ve been in the field for ages but no one knows me, so all levels and specialities are great.

@bowers That’s me! Full-stack web dev and newish superfan, plus an organizer of tech and tech-adjacent events.

@brianalmorgan nice! I don’t want to reveal the last time I dabbled with Django, as I’ll feel publicly old. 😅 but after several years of not coding, I’ve spent the last few weeks playing with react… reminds me why I stick to the UX side.

@bowers I need to beef up my JS skills. React is on my list. It seems intense! I also want to get better with JS for a11y reasons. There are always so many things to learn.

@brianalmorgan I found starting with Gatsby and related tutorials to be super helpful, but yeah, I’m shockingly bad at JS. I’m amazed I’ve built up about 90% of a design system site with it, though.

@bowers I am a trans woman in tech and I’m gonna jump into the #WomenInTech tag and follow ALL y’all

@aquinton awesome! Hi! We need more React nerds who are also CSS nerds. Most of our FE-engineers are so heavy in the JS they look at CSS like a dark art. 😁

@bowers I tweet about clojure pretty regularly from this account. @effye is another woman to follow

@bowers @bellebcooper is a woman running an indie software business (with me!) and doing iOS and Android development.

@joshsharp @bellebcooper nice! I lived in Melbourne abt 16 years ago… miss it every day. Okay, maybe not the white tails and hookturns, but generally it set a high bar for a good city.

@bowers @bellebcooper you know, I don't think I've ever encountered a white tail... Not knowingly, anyway. But I do love Melbourne :) Where are you now?

@joshsharp @bellebcooper oh you’re lucky. Caught one in a jar (but that was in Bendigo, tbh) and lets just say it was not something nature should abide.

I’m in Austin Texas, which has the heat of Oz but not all the other bits. Like seasons. And trams.

@bowers woman in tech here c:
though I don't often post about my work for various reasons (mostly privacy)

@EliteKonataFan oh I get that… I legally can’t talk about some former employers 😳
The thing I like about all this is we’re not just what we do, and that helps vary our life experience and become better at including more people. :blob_uwu:

@_whitni indeed you are! Already enjoying your feed today. Nice to meet you. :blobderpy:

@platypus @aparrish that’s better than theoretically, I guess. Hi! And @aparrish was one of my first follows. Good call!

@bowers *raises hand* I'm an outsider indie dev but totes "in tech"

@amydentata I have a feeling being an “outsider” is pretty common here, so welcome inside. 😊

@bowers I'm not a woman in tech, but I am pretty sure I'm following a few. Hopefully this will boost the message.

@CoralineAda hiiiiiiii! I’m going to do my best JVN here but omg I love your hair.

@bowers to quote myself from t'other day: "I wonder if searching for #followfriday or #ff on the instances listed in would skew more female (assuming 1. female-led instances attract more women, and 2. a search there will only find toots that instance knows about)"

@ellotheth hi Gemma! My keyboard keep autocorrecting to Genma which I’m pretty sure isn’t a name I’ve ever typed. Which basically means I’m bound to toot that name eventually.

@sera hi Sera! Glasgow! My people! I kind of wish my ancestors hadn’t left Scotland (given how completely brit my ancestry is, I’m bound to have happened even if they hadn’t)

@IntegralDuChemin hallo! Guten abend. Also, I haven’t spoken German in about 20 years, but welcome and good to meet you. New to tech or just mastodon?

@bowers Just new to mastodon :)
I'm a physicist so I should know a thing about technology or even two. Well as a theoretician I know less about nowadays technology than the average experimentalist at least when it comes to electrodynamics but I can work quite well with computers - be they quantum or not ;-)

And as we cannot avoid experiment during our studies I also know how a laser works and how to work with it in the lab. And I love to balance spoons on my finger to learn about their center of mass.

What about you?

@IntegralDuChemin I love even trying to comprehend half of that! Physics is a hobby/reading passion, but my main gig is creating design systems and improving usability and accessibility in software.

@bowers Thanks for the compliment, that's very kind of you. What you do sounds quite interesting as well - software engineering - right?

@IntegralDuChemin I work in tandem with the engineers… user experience design. 🙂

@garbados good to have you on board. Also, I seriously adore Portland. Horrible the Cali fires are making the PNW so unbreathable. In Austin we just call that summer.

@garbados yeah I never expected Max Mad to be the dystopian hellscape that would win, but here we are

@garbados I just saw this again on my timeline and only now saw that I wrote Max Mad. I think to fix this I’m just going to refer to the whole movie series as that from now on.

@bowers hey. i write text for accessibility and design UI/UX that is good for users first and foremost.

i contributed to mastodon, lollipop cloud, helped found glitchsoc, contributed to glitchsoc and AND pleroma a decent bit, i hope to contribute even more, too, to federated open source social media.

(boosts ok/welcome, i want tech folx following me on here tbh)

@hoodieak hell yeah, that’s basically my ethos! Looking forward to this.

@bowers Yep, that’s me too. I’ve spent the last couple of years consciously grooming a more balanced Birdsite timeline :-(

@mkflint hopefully the responses (and even just the folks who boosted or liked the first post) should help you start fresh. I’m meeting all sorts of sharp folks.

@bowers search for "mastodon" on twitter, filter by your followings, look at introductions hashtag and keep an eye to the federated timeline, sometimes known people appears there

Hiya, lots of interest in tech, although being youngish I have no work in it. ^.^ 👋

@faye hey we all have to start somewhere! Welcome and pleased to meet you.

@bowers I've found so many new people to follow in this thread! 🙌

@sonniesedge so I’m finding… its wonderful. *gets his wheelbarrow to handle the craploads*

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