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Retooting as old one had info my cat’s tag 😩:
I’ve sort of been on here since last year, but I never did the thing, so hi! I’m Greg (gb on birdsite). I’m lead / designer at a company in , but I used to live in and even . I’m big on and .

I love good/weird , I like macs and tech, and hanging with my kiddo.

Cat tax: Bubba and Pixel

Wow, sometimes I forget how much I love Midnight Oil. Workers, who's gonna save you?

quiting liquor, wishing for weed 

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Y'all's president wants to limit protests outside the White House and National Mall and charge you a fee to exercise your right to free speech.

Comment by October 15. I suggest sending a postcard.

music, covers, ausrock 

On the plus side I came home, grilled some bird and ate it with fresh bell peppers for dinner, so maybe I’m okay.

(Still want out of Texas)

day drinking 

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if i'm ever on tv, im definitely going to pretend that im being interviewed over a high-latency satellite link and leave several seconds of awkward silence after every question. even if the interviewer is in the same room as me

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Quit my job today. Boost to celebrate. 🎺


Okay, I know I've boosted it before, but where is that service to help you out when switching instances? Not entirely certain when I'll do it, but I want to be ready.

When spending 30 minutes in a webchat with your hosting provider somehow drops your hosting renewal by $80, you feel like you accomplished something.

When you start to ask why they don't do that automatically, you shake your fist at capitalism.

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Everyone be proud of me I filled out scary dehumanizing forms to try to get some health insurance

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My team at $dayjob is taking turns at Brownsville helping people navigate the US immigration process. They're taking supplies to people trying to enter the country and either get asylum or refugee status because they have to wait in line for days or weeks before hitting the icebox. These supplies include clothing and nonperishable food.

If you have a few dollars, would you please consider buying some supplies for us to distribute?

Thank you very much.

Please boost.

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There are so so many helpful things about designing with Grid and getting the most out of our modern web design options in’ Layout Land series:

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Sometimes I worry that people see me as their local Jeff Pickles instance, except I swear a lot more.

K, I think it’s time for me to find a new instance. Any suggestions for somewhere solid and full of quality peoples? I have some ideas, but I don’t want to start hopping around.

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