@chockenberry given how things are going, I would not be surprised if they just… “accidentally” charge a bunch of people extra by adding a zero. Comcast tactics

Man, Ebou is slowly getting somewhere. I’m only working on it in my spare time so progress is not as fast as I’d hoped...

On the right you can see the “Conversation” view, which makes it easy to see participants of a thread in a comment list view (like reddit or hn).

Lots of things aren’t working correctly yet, and there’re so many rough edges, improper paddings, etc that will take time to fix, but I’ve started using Ebou for my own Mastodon consumption and I love it. Progress towards beta :)

@miguel @hbuchel I second this. Most of what made me the engineer I am today are the small experiments I’ve done using little or no frameworks. You can check my profile for some things like that on my GitHub. Some are old. Others are small. Experimentation and fundamental pay back in spades!

'Those who dared speak up were branded "negative" and "haters", no matter how much data they lugged in tow.'

We were also just told we didn't know what we were talking about or didn't know how to write JS enough OR that we didn't work on complex enough applications that warranted needing CSS-IN-JS solutions or going all in on frameworks :) :) :)


20XX: every company has their own social. subdomain where they do all their media accounts and control the content.

A corporate instance or instances would be beautiful control (and probably WAAAY cheaper than billing Twitter… all those agencies would just add mastodon hosting as a line item on their SOWs)

Yea, we're fucked aren't we?
Just had a newer person hop into a network engineering discord with a question about proxies, with the opening line being basically "I asked a chatbot (chatgpt), but it said that I couldn't do this thing with proxies so now I'm really confused".

If you're trying to learn anything, but especially fields requiring creativity or inquisitiveness, for the love of the server gods please do not make a convincing sounding language model your first stop and definitely do not let it tell you what is and is not possible.

Some of my most memorable work has been around bending tech into things either at the edges of or beyond what it was envisioned to do, driven by digging into the guts of how things functioned, not constrained by what vendor docs or a robot told me is or is not possible.

@Meyerweb yah I went back to my m1 and saw I made the same decision actually :) but I went maximum RAM and minimum storage which is why I’m running a bit short on the latter. With fast external interfaces (with M.2 enclosures, etc) now it’s much MUCH easier to extend storage

@futurebird this reminds me of that footage from when we landed a craft on a comet

BREAKING: Getty Images just filed a copyright and trademark infringement lawsuit against Stability AI in Delaware District Court. Getty alleges that Stability copied more than 12 million Getty photos to train Stable Diffusion. Full complaint here: copyrightlately.com/pdfviewer/

@Meyerweb I’d lean more storage. That is getting eaten up much quicker than I expected while the RAM isn’t getting (or staying) saturated with any development or editing I do.

Me: "chatGPT is shit and I wouldn't trust it or any of its answers"

Someone: "lol you're just afraid of things you don't understand!"

Me: *clears throat*

TIL: "apple" is a TLD

$ host applecard.apple
applecard.apple has address

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