Stewart Butterfield is leaving Slack. Can someone quickly convince him to make another game?

The Turing Test poisoned the minds of generations of AI enthusiasts, because its criteria is producing text that persuades observers it was written by a human.

The result? Generative AI text products designed to "appear real" rather than produce accurate or ethical outputs.

It *should* be obvious why it's problematic to create a piece of software that excels at persuasion without concern for accuracy, honesty or ethics. But apparently it's not.

All these AIs are causing a silent nostalgia cascade and no one is ready for the consequences. A society solely entertained by unimaginative remixing is doomed to … something? How do we get anything that doesn’t already exist if all these things know is what already did?

Can these generative AIs create what they have never seen before, based on first principles? Scarier, can we?

Just recorded and formatted the minutes for my association. I have a Pages template, with all the properly formatted name sections for the structure. Quite relaxing and therapeutic for me, tbh

What idiot called that little narc Elf on the Shelf and not Police Navidad? which hosts accounts from all sorts of organizations that want to publish alerts on downtime. Local timeline is a history of outages across vast swaths of the internet, potentially

Every company in 2028: social.domain.tld which runs their social media mastodon instance and has a plug-in to write to the siloed ones

"waah waaah mastodon is slow and glitchy sometimes, how can you bear it"

bitch I grew up with dial up. I scrolled endlessly through the hampster dance, half the jpegs broken. I spent an hour looking for and downloading a simple mp3. I waited my 54 minutes to continue watching a ropey stream of true blood with unsynced audio. I still use tumblr. you are like tiny baby

The view from NASA's Artemis mission yesterday is just...words fail me.

HT and the brilliant engineers & scientists who made this happen.

#NASA #Artemis #space

Learned about the remix framework today and discovered one of its killer features…. Is something I designed and built for an app I worked on back in 2010. I’m starting to have more respect for some of the stuff I built back then!

Any people here know anything about a trend I’ve started noticing online when, for lack of a better description, “first-person subject omission” where people type sentences like “will talk to you later” or “built the thing” when there is an implied “I” which is completely vacant?

So, the European Union has set up its own Mastodon instance, EU Voice, as an official channel/platform for all its many institutions - what a great initiative
#TwitterMigration #europe #Diplomacy #Transparency

Bird site 

Hmmm now I’m wondering if we should look to Googles acquisition of Motorola mobility as a template of what’s happening to Twitter.

- google paid like 12.5 billion and sold what was left to Lenovo for just under 3 billion just 2 years later
- the value to google was the patent portfolio
- thru countless necessities, lots of staff changes occurred during those 2 years

Less in terms of net benefit, but more in terms of company / culture changes post-acquisition

Welcome to your 40s: showers are now an opportunity to touch something on your body that will make you check WebMD to see if you're dying.

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