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@boilingsteam Pretty great thing to hear! Really love to hear great people joining mastodon! I really love being part of the community, because I often learn lots of things from different perspective and get some interesting opinion instead of some trolling and ranting at what I say. Also I like that I can support projects directly without project monetising me by ads.

Also, FYI there is about 2-3 million accounts here on fediverse ;)

It's almost a meta article! I'm posting on Mastodon my impression of using Mastodon for the past few months:

Welcome to Basingstoke is a very nice looking survival-horror game, available on and free for Linux users! I just tried it and its pretty fun and well designed. Give it a try!

The new Humble Indie Bundle 20 is mostly shovelware. Its probably one of the first canonical HB that I cant fathom even spending 1 dollar on. Someone didnt do their job here.

Benchmarks of Dirt Rally 2.0 on Linux via Proton/SteamPlay. Seems to run very well, and I must admit I was surprised to see the RX590 perform so well. - very close to the 1070Ti. I wonder if there's not something fishy going on, on Windows you don't get them so close in performance.

Despite issues with the online mode and no force feedback, Dirt Rally 2.0 runs pretty much perfectly on Linux, performance wise:

I've updated my list of games developed on #Linux, adding a bunch of stuff expected to be released in 2019 and some that have already been released this year: City Game Studio ( @binogure ), WARP-TEK ( @AlexHoratio ) and Lord of Dwarves (Nick Matyas).

Thanks to @akhilvarkey for bringing those three to my attention! If anybody out there know of a game that should be on this list, but isn't, let me know! :)

Something for the weekend: HITMAN 2’s first mission is now free and works great in Steam Play on Linux.

* Full access to the Hawke’s Bay challenges and unlocks – including hidden stashes, new starting locations

* Mastered the location, Professional and Master difficulty levels that introduce new ways to play

* Progression earned from the Starter Pack carries over into the full game when you choose to buy it

#Hitman2 #Steam #SteamPlay #Linux #LinuxGaming

Dedicated to the lady who is allowing me to put Peppermint Linux on her Lenovo IdeaPad.

A review of the System76 Thelio system, not bad, but if you are like me and build computers yourself, it probably will not change your mind:

Something I already knew but could not talk about: Valve is working with anti-cheat companies to bring Proton compatibility to their anti-cheat systems. Somehow it leaked :)


Before doing anything intelligent with "AI", do the unintelligent version fast and at scale.
At worst you understand the limits of a simplistic approach and what complexities you need to handle.
At best you realize you don't need the overhead of intelligence.


Phoronix has a lot of benchmarks on Linux with the recent Radeon VII from AMD. I think it's probably somewhat biased in AMD's favor (the choice of games, for example, is a matter of debate). Still looks like it's a solid card for gaming (and OpenCL) nonetheless.

and here's an overview of the new games that have been reported on ProtonDB in January 2019 - new, as in reported for the first time ever. ALways an interesting list! Guess who's first?

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