A very good article from Torvalds back in 1999 about the history of Linux and the choices made. It's a long article but well worth a read!! blog.corememory.io/the-linux-e

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Proton 4.2-3 is now available with wine-mono and DXVK 1.0.3!

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This is something I have been working toward, alongside many others, during my entire career at Unity.

It took a lot of "hack weeks," 20% time, and other donated time to get off the ground; it came within a hair's breadth of being terminated multiple times.
We fought to keep it alive, to get it onto the release track, to keep it from being shipped with special license restrictions.

It's great to finally see our work having a public impact.

This is immensely exciting, and I'm so glad to have been a small part of it:
"Unity Editor for Linux is now in Preview"

The Playstation 5 (or Five?) will use an AMD Ryzen + Navi combo according to Sony themselves. Who knows, they may end up using Vulkan too... tomshardware.com/news/playstat

Dirt Rally is available for less than 4 USD on GreenManGaming now: greenmangaming.com/games/dirt- At this price, if you enjoy even a little racing games, you can't go wrong :-)

Apologies for anyone who visited BoilingSteam.com in the past 20 hours or so and was redirected to shady sites. One plugin was infected with malware after an update and was redirecting visitors to some sketchy sites. If you had an adblocker or uMatrix enabled you probably did not see it. In any case this is fixed now.

New article. I talk about why recommending people to switch to Linux is a losing proposition (and recommend other approaches that may lead to better outcomes). boilingsteam.com/the-switching

Apparently the GPD Win 2 Max, a handheld PC/console, will be using an AMD Ryzen APU for its next iteration. Maybe they will release it before the Smach Z :-) tomshardware.com/news/gpd-win-

DXVK 1.1 is out. They are going really fast when it comes to updates these days. This time around, memory optimization and improved GPU utilization for Unreal Engine 4 games are on the menu. Note that the Unreal Engine 4 changes require the latest Wine version as well: github.com/doitsujin/dxvk/rele

it will be like Rift dev kit 1 tech! Nintendo is just about 10 years behind as usual.

Ikaruga runs finally perfectly with Proton 4.2 on Linux. It's time for everyone to experience this fantastic shooter from the 90s: boilingsteam.com/ikaruga-proto

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