How much has Proton progressed over time to run Windows games under Linux? That's how much:

Toms Hardware is Hands-On With Valve's New Headset and Controllers. Looks like a step up from the Vive but not sure if they have something to justify the price point...

The culture war at the heart of open source • Steve Klabnik

There’s a war going on. When isn’t there a war going on? But I’m not ttalking about a physical war here: I’m talking about a war over meaning. This particular war is a fight over what “open source” means.

[DXVK 1.0.1 + Proton 3.16-8] Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

A quick look at Sekiro: SDT working out of the box with the latest DXVK and Proton (Steam Play). Stable 60 fps when not recording.

ValveSoftware releases Proton 4.2. Lots of updates and improvements. Not sure how much it changes the compatibility profile for games that did not launch before, so I guess I will have to do some testing!


A serialization format for various persistent Vulkan object types. - ValveSoftware/Fossilize

Here's the framerate of F1 2018 on various video cards from on Linux with Steam Play/Proton: