Mastodon users, do you actually also use Twitter at the same time?

@boilingsteam I've tried Twitter multiple times, but I've never been a regular user. I've never been a fan of social media, and to be frank, that's still largely the case.

These days, if I sign into my Twitter account,, it's to marvel at how much of a mess I find it to be more than anything else.

Until.the artists I followed from tumble move here (or elsewhere) I'm stuck on Twitter for some things.

@Boiling Steam Left Twitter in 2019, but not using Mastodon. The #Fediverse is bigger than Mastodon, I use #Hubzilla.


There are a few people where it's the simplest way to get in touch with them.

It's not a viable long-term solution, as you're there at someone else's whim, but it'll do for now. :D

@boilingsteam I left Twitter, and I'm on the Fediverse, but I don't use Mastodon.

@boilingsteam I'm still mostly on Twitter, and use it for marketing... but with the whole Elon Musk situation I want to have an exit strategy.

@boilingsteam I rarely use Twitter officially, but I do use Twitter clients like Fritter. It's a great way to get away from all the garbage drama and recommendation algorithms and just focus on who you follow. I still rarely go there since it's not good for seeing art.

@boilingsteam Exclusive content is important. I think especially leaders should not use both, because people (including me) tend to literally follow the people they want to learn from.

Also, I really value having conversations and getting input in a public space where interaction and expression is not shaped by commercial interests. So here, or on the streets and in cafes :-)

@hj @boilingsteam
well the poll is only for the Mastodon network ™️ ® users

no dönner, no voting rights :spurdo:
@boilingsteam I don't use Mastodon or Twitter... how do I answer this? 😄

@boilingsteam where's the 'Yes, double-whammy. I am hindered by both" option!

@boilingsteam I mostly use Twitter, haven't found a lot of people who only use Mastodon that I'm following.

@boilingsteam i use twitter only as a way to export videos from my switch

@boilingsteam I only use Twitter to tell people who use Twitter that my content is available.

And to yell at services I use because they usually respond faster to tweets then emails.

@boilingsteam hi, we are the ones to say thanks to you. Please keep such good poll, my friend.

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