@boilingsteam For me, it's EndeavourOS all the way. Built my PC last December, installed Endeavour, never had any problems. Very stable.

@boilingsteam @faizalr The only reasonable point there is Expired SSL. Which 1. Sounds like a try to sabotage a most popular Arch-based distro. Hope they’ll handle it. 2. Isn’t a reason enough to roam streets with “WE HATE MANJARO!” flags by itself. Just kick the dev’s asses a bit harder, or create an SSL expiration countown page for them, I don’t know.

@boilingsteam @boilingsteam I have try #archinstall before and failed. I might try it again in the future with the newer version. Manjaro work fine with my machine though.

@boilingsteam Shortcuts are not compatible with ignorance. ;)

@boilingsteam That's why I moved to Archlabs after the THIRD time they let their SSL expire.

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