Twitter is starting to block some instances of Mastodon... Spread the word!

@boilingsteam I don't know if it's mean or just terribly desperate

@boilingsteam isn't this anti-competitive behavior? Can Twitter be sued for doing that?

@boilingsteam Citation, please? Would like to be better aware. And I'm assuming you're meaning they're blocking links, since I don't think they ever federated?

@boilingsteam On second though, I didn't open up the image to see. That's diabolical. I should see if that happens for my instance.

Regardless, it's shit like this that's making me GO to Mastodon in the first place.

@bluknight @boilingsteam it’s preventing tweets that include a link to certain mastodon instances from being posted. Just tested it myself.

@cringeizgood @boilingsteam Yeah, and verified it's just some instances and not just a word filter on Mastodon. See the tweet I just posted.

@cringeizgood @boilingsteam Also interesting to note in the (very limited) testing I did that the links appear to block to home pages (ie top-level -- if I link straight to a profile (my own, in this case) it went straight through.

@bluknight why do you need a citation when I posted a screenshot of the actual issue?

@boilingsteam See my follow up mea culpa -- I didn't expand the screenshot like a dumbass.

Will two apologies be enough, or do I need to go to the bank for more? ;)

@boilingsteam Then we're all good. Offer you a virtual beer for your trouble? 🍺

@KevinMarks @bluknight Yup, apparently it's working again after people complained...

@boilingsteam @KevinMarks Too bad that companies like Twitter won't do stuff like publicly root cause analyses as to how and why something happened, and how they might prevent such in the future.

@cybeardjm @boilingsteam I wonder what influences this. Perhaps because you're on another instance that isn't blocked?

@Lucseleventje @boilingsteam
I think in the case of your profile it was resolved.

I was able to tweet the same link you posted just now. I did it from my mobile though out of curiosity, will have to try on desktop also.

@boilingsteam Pretty sad. I automatically post my toots to Twitter, and circa yesterday that's still working, so at least didn't make their blocklist yet.

@boilingsteam I've deleted my twitter, but wow this feels a bit... Desperate on the part of twitter. Are they...scared?


Being mad that twitter has defederated you. :banhammer:

Seems like the hand is on the other foot now isn't it?

NOTE: I don't support twitter doing this either.

@boilingsteam I wouldn't say that Twitter is blocking instances because they are part of Mastodon. Somehow the .social ended up in some malware list and I guess Twitter automatically blocks domains based on that list.Currently is listed by three AVs as malicious, this morning the number was even higher:

@boilingsteam couldn't reproduce this with mastodon dot social, online, or cloud 😐

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