What Linux distro do you use for gaming?

@BalooUriza @debian only three choices in mastodon polls so whichever way people would not be happy with them


Garuda at the moment. It is based off Arch but not straight Arch so I picked other.

@boilingsteam If I had to use it for gaming specifically then I’d go with arch and optimize for gaming (low latency kernel, maybe install gamescope as well etc)

If it’s just gaming on the side then I’d just use fedora.

@boilingsteam I'm using @elementary OS 6.1 - 7.0 is at early stage. Simple and fast. I really like it.

The distro I use for everything, from server to laptop, NixOS

Using Manjaro, my partner's on Pop_OS, though we may move her to Fedora soon

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