Interesting. I have Ubuntu Budgie on an old laptop & have to keep rolling back to earlier versions as recent updates screwed up screen resolution, internet access & other essential features.

I rarely have use for laptop games but am curious about the new linux distros mentioned in the article. When I get free time, I will try them out as replacements for Budgie (never used the other ubuntu distros, never fancied them).

I use Linux Mint on my main laptop. Boring but reliable.

@boilingsteam good to see the renewed interest in fedora, a large part of its success, other than the great work of the fedora team, has been due to the effort of the people behind gnome. Since gnome 40, it has gotten a much more professional appearance.
The more up to date packages compared to Ubuntu must have been beneficial for gaming as well :)

@boilingsteam well their implementation of sneaky-snaps certainly didn't help. I'm done with Ubuntu now, after using it for 8ish years off and on.

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