@boilingsteam these make me wish my laptop was no longer meeting my needs, but alas...
@boilingsteam A Dell XPS. Maybe 5 years old now. Not really upgradable but the battery is still a good 90% what it started at, and running Linux everything is very fast still

@rob @boilingsteam

Well, you could always upgrade and keep the old one as an emergency spare and/or travel laptop.

If your current laptop suddenly died or even just ate its OS, you'd lose days or weeks of productivity until you could get it repaired or replaced. And older laptops are more likely to surprise-fail on you.

So really, it's more prudent in the long run to upgrade now.

@suetanvil @rob another alternative is to buy a second hand laptop ar a reasonable price

@boilingsteam @rob

Yeah, yeah. That would be the sensible thing but it doesn't result in a Shiny! New! Toy!

@suetanvil @boilingsteam And my current laptop is fine, I just want this one.

Have to finish paying for my new enlarger before another toy, then might have to upgrade the server at home. Then I can get a new computer, if I don't need a new phone by then lol

Hi, this is a great new. Do you know if this laptop supports Linux-libre? I would like to install guix or other libre distribution without problems with blobs. The laptop of my dream is a mnt reform but at the moment is not possible to install guix.

@jrballesteros05 I don't think it supports linux-libre yet, but you might as well contact the devs in the forums, they have been good at trying to support various Linux related requests.

Thank you I will check their forum. I hope to see a laptop that supports a fully libre kernel. Mnt reform and frame.work laptops are the closest to achieve that goal that I have ever seen.

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