I don't think newer Lenovo laptops would crack my top 10. They lack Coreboot and privacy kill switches. Mini Free; Purism; Pinebook Pros; Star Labs; System76 would all offer me one or both of those features.

@boilingsteam @PublicNuisance This. When repairability takes Apple levels of a nosedive, I'll look into the alternatives.
@lewdthewides @PublicNuisance @boilingsteam their new stuff is absolute trash
HP elitebooks have been out of stock for a while now, so we've been buying lenovos for work...... a solid 50% of the docks are unusable pieces of shit that cause endless problems.
@graf @PublicNuisance @lewdthewides @boilingsteam show off
we've got monitors randomly flickering, laptops refusing to charge over USB-C, and one where the laptop won't POST if the dock's connected
@lewdthewides @PublicNuisance @boilingsteam @graf the roundish cube shaped HP thunderbolt docks are pretty great
but the flat ones are TRASH

@lewdthewides @PublicNuisance @boilingsteam @graf @skylar we have WD19 docks for everyone at my company and they all work almost perfectly

@skylar @PublicNuisance @lewdthewides @boilingsteam yeah thinkpads (mine included) cry about anything being plugged in to the usb/usb port when you fire it on. i think it takes ~30s to timeout before it even displays POST


Cost doesn't factor as much for me as privacy and security do.

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