@smoldesu @boilingsteam even though Theo is an absolute asshole at times, even he’s not retarded enough to make a package manager that deletes stuff unless it isn’t explicitly told to delete stuff

@newt @smoldesu it only sucks if you have no idea what you are doing. It sucks to be a beginner for pretty much anything.


I literally just finished watching that video and honestly started doubting his abilities with tech...


@boilingsteam If you need the latest and greatest software out of the door (and to make Windows games work, you absolutely do) then forget about Debian-based distros and go with Arch. Even Valve knew and that's why SteamOS 2.0 is based on Arch instead.

@csolisr @boilingsteam That's not how development or game development works. I should know more than anyone. Especially for Linux/Console.
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