Mastodon VS Twitter: Here's what we learnt at Boiling Steam while using Mastodon and Twitter in parallel for the past 2 years:

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@boilingsteam @lanodan Pretty interesting. I too would like some control over the algorithm, in the meantime I might look into hacking a custom timeline (show only posts with x comments or likes etc) as an experiment.

@neil @boilingsteam Well on my side of things I'm not sure I would actually want some kind of algorithm but more like control over how things get organized.

Like on pleroma side of things there is subscriptions ("click the bell"™) so you can get notified when some chosen accounts have posted something so it doesn't gets lost into the timeline or lists.

And having something more like RSS/Atom feeds could be interesting for things that are less microblogging-oriented (ie. articles, videos, …).

@lanodan @neil The point is not just having one algorithm, but a plethora of different ones to choose from (or maybe your own). A marketplace!

@boilingsteam @neil Yeah but that's code and I guess admins should be the only ones to actually control which code runs on their servers (having a subset of a query language could be interesting but it's hard to optimize for).

@lanodan @neil There's always the intermediate option of having "rule-based" options that you can activate or not if you don't want fancy algorithms on the server. That would be better than the "nothing" right now.

@boilingsteam Let me take this opportunity to just say thanks for what you do and please keep it up! It's much appreciated! :)
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