Firefox Now Sends Your Address Bar Keystrokes to Mozilla, following their "suggest ads" features enabled by default. That's Windows 10 telemetry level of bullshit.

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@boilingsteam I’m so sick of reading Firefox anything I’m considering setting up a filter.
There are never any good news.

@mastodon Yeah between this and "Firefox drops a feature that nobody asked them to remove", it's always downhill with Mozilla.

@boilingsteam but but they are giving away this information only to their trusted partners! I think we are safe. *googles_very_specific_health_information*

@schipplock hehe trusted partners that we did not agree to share anything with... How is that even remotely legal without optin ?

@boilingsteam Wasn't Chrome villified for doing the same thing in the name Google Search autocompletions?

@alcinnz Branding matters. Google has never pretended that they cared about Privacy and certainly not with Chrome which feeds the beast. Firefox, however, constantly likes to remind us they are there to protect end users while they do this kind of bullshit over and over again.

@boilingsteam Agreed!

And the thing is, in both cases I can see how the feature can be implemented without sending every keystroke to their servers.

Google could've held off until you press space indicating what you're typing is clearly a websearch not a webaddress. Mozilla could distribute their "suggest ads" in browser updates (or seperate update mechanism) to be queried locally.

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