Wow... Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04 lifecycle extended to ten years. Good news for the ones who don't want to upgrade their servers anytime soon, I guess?

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@boilingsteam it is bad news. old obsolete vulnerable code on more servers. Also more attact possibilities

@boilingsteam @ranjithsiji They do not fix everything with security updates, all kernels prior to 5.13 for example have a seriously nasty root exploit. But you're still going to have a 5.4 or earlier kernel on these.

@nanook @ranjithsiji root exploits mostly really matter if you have a system that's exposed to the internet. That's far from being the case for every server out there.

@boilingsteam @ranjithsiji Yea tell that to Iran where their centrifuges were destroyed by malware left on an thumb drive. Being on the net isn't a prerequisite for being hacked.

@nanook @ranjithsiji You can't seriously be using nation-states attacks as a argument. They have access to zero-days anyway on the latest software no matter how often you update.

I agree, bad news. I'm sure the CIA/NSA/FBI/MI5/MI6/MOSSAD are all happy though.
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