@boilingsteam @rysiek This appears to misunderstand the value of trademarks to FOSS projects. Elementary weren't trying to stop people modifying and distributing GPL code, they were trying to stop people modifying Elementary OS *and still calling it Elementary OS*, thus negatively affecting their brand/reputation.

@marxjohnson @rysiek If that was it that could be understood but they are also trying to be the sole distributor of unmodified ElementaryOS which is against the GPL.

@boilingsteam @marxjohnson @rysiek Well the GPL only has regard for copyright - trademarks are covered under unrelated IP laws. My understanding is that with trademarks, unlike copyright, you cannot selectively enforce them. If you do, then anyone can infringe and whine "but you let the other guyyyy" and the court will agree.

So it's possible the Elementary folks are basically required to protect the name, if they want to stop monopolists or malign haxors also infringing.

@Jetengineweasel @seachaint @boilingsteam @marxjohnson I am aware that the Debian trademark policy exists. What I said is that it's not a *problem* for Debian, in the context of the latest ElementaryOS thing becoming somewhat of a PR problem for ElementaryOS now.

Somehow Debian is able to tread lightly where ElementaryOS seems to whip out a banhammer.


@rysiek @Jetengineweasel @seachaint @marxjohnson It's not the first time ElementaryOS devs do a gaffe. I remember not too long ago they called people cheaters if they wanted to download their OS for free.

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