@boilingsteam So what are the requirements for streaming using Owncast? Do you need a good server to stream?

@bloodaxe @boilingsteam You can actually run Owncast with pretty meager resources depending on what your requirements are. Many people run it using a $5/mo VPS, and others have run it from a Raspberry Pi. owncast.online/quickstart/prer

@gabek @bloodaxe Yup - a VPS is recommended since your ISP may not have a very good upstream bandwidth though

@bloodaxe @boilingsteam

That reminds me, is there an option to automatically save the VOD on Peertube, or should I record it locally then upload it?

@gabek ah cool! I've got a Raspberry Pi 4 laying around 🤔 maybe it would be enough for a 720p stream?

@bloodaxe Likely! Depending on how many output qualities you want to offer your viewers (more is better to cater to different network speeds in different parts of the world), and how fast your upstream is. Owncast supports Raspberry Pi hardware acceleration in many cases, too. owncast.online/docs/codecs/#ra

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