CalyxOS – De-Googled Android Alternative - in order to have a little more privacy. Only Pixel phones are supported for now.

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@boilingsteam I've been using Calyx as a daily driver for ~3 months now. Adjusting to life with MicroG/Aurora store takes a little while. But it's a solid, stable OS. Recommended.

@Casinoslcohol @boilingsteam If you choose to install MicroG (the option is presented to you during install/setup) then Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) will work as per usual.
Hopefully, if @unifiedpush can pull more attention and support, we can start to move away from a dependency on FCM.
If you choose no MicroG, your apps will need to rely on maintaining persistent sockets/notifications to receive push messages.

@boilingsteam @michael @unifiedpush I wonder that as well. I have an old android with lineage that I mess around with. I should monitor the traffic of the device before and after to see if there are any big changes.

@michael Thanks for sharing your experience. Do calls and essential functions work normally? And what device do you run it on?

@boilingsteam Calling works perfectly for me. The native phone/dialer app also has integrated support for SIP accounts, which is nice.
SMS works normally, I also install QKSMS. MMS can be strange but I've always blamed that on carriers, not software.
The only real bug that I can think of, is that apps I've installed from Aurora Store do not auto-update. (Calyx includes the Aurora Services system module) I think I may have set something up wrong with that though.

@boilingsteam Highly recommend Calyx if you're looking to deGoogle but aren't ready to go full tin foil hat. I know you were asking @michael but for me everything works fine. Only issue I've had with the Pixel 3 is that MMS is spotty in 3rd party apps like QKSMS, but it works fine in the stock Messages app.
I've been using GrapheneOS for over a year but have been hearing more and more about CalyxOS. For those who've used both, what are your thoughts?
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