When you think things could not get more ridiculous with Audacity, now one of the forks's maintainer was harassed by folks from 4chan and calls it quits:

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@selea possibly. At this stage it is hard to verify what actually happened or not.

@boilingsteam "harassed"

On Twitter he had claimed to have gotten over 600 calls on his PinePhone™ only to delete the tweet once someone asked for details.
In that very tweet he had claimed that his phone never crashed during the spam, but later backtracked and claimed that it crashed so hard he had to reflash the whole device.
I searched through the archives of those threads and couldn't find a single instance of anons mentioning anything about obtaining his phone number.

Kinda weird, don't you think?

@boilingsteam Urgh… whatever little goodwill i had for 4chan troll culture in the very distant past, when there could still be a case made for their good intentions (you know, taking on Scientology and shit)… they’ve thrown that out of the window ages ago. These days, 4chan’s collective stupidity just seems aimed at fucking up any nice and good thing that’s left. Nothing but a bunch of gamergate douchebags, right-wing fucks and conspiracy nutjobs doing everything in their power to make the world a shittier place.

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