Trying to cut down on my server bills. Does anyone know of a good #Nextcloud host that's cheap, reliable, and offers a decent amount of extensions?

Nextcloud's own service picker just kind of recommends a bunch of random providers with no real insight on what they offer, or how good they are.

@sean why not go for a cheap vps and install Nextcloud instead of looking for a nextcloud provider?

@boilingsteam literally everyone recommends doing this. The thing is, I already have a dedicated Linode that I'd like to retire, so that I don't have to spend the 60 bucks a month on it.

I'd rather pay 5 bucks instead.

@sean vps don't cost 60 bucks per month. I have several and one of them is at 15 dollars a year.

@mgrondin @sean that one has 2 vcpus, 1.5 or 2 GB of RAM if I remember correctly, and sufficient amount of traffic up and down for a Nextcloud usage.

@boilingsteam That's interesting i suppose. Did not realize a VPS could be had so cheap. 20GB would not go far as a Nextcloud(I've got over 100GB in mine) but still that could be nice for a blog or gopher or something like that.


@mgrondin @sean That's a base plan you can add extra storage if needed on that kind of vps.

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