Trying to cut down on my server bills. Does anyone know of a good #Nextcloud host that's cheap, reliable, and offers a decent amount of extensions?

Nextcloud's own service picker just kind of recommends a bunch of random providers with no real insight on what they offer, or how good they are.

@sean why not go for a cheap vps and install Nextcloud instead of looking for a nextcloud provider?

@boilingsteam @sean I self-host it on . It's a bit sluggish but works for me and doesn't cost me anything in addition to the membership that I already have for web site hosting and such.

@boilingsteam literally everyone recommends doing this. The thing is, I already have a dedicated Linode that I'd like to retire, so that I don't have to spend the 60 bucks a month on it.

I'd rather pay 5 bucks instead.
@sean This might be of service to you

or with ssd storage

I've been with them for over a year and host all kinds of stuff Nextcloud included.

My only issue is that uploading to them is slow but i think that's related to my ISP somehow. And it's only noticeable doing big uploads(So like the initial). Downloads are fast.


@sean vps don't cost 60 bucks per month. I have several and one of them is at 15 dollars a year.

@mgrondin @sean that one has 2 vcpus, 1.5 or 2 GB of RAM if I remember correctly, and sufficient amount of traffic up and down for a Nextcloud usage.

@boilingsteam That's interesting i suppose. Did not realize a VPS could be had so cheap. 20GB would not go far as a Nextcloud(I've got over 100GB in mine) but still that could be nice for a blog or gopher or something like that.


@mgrondin @sean That's a base plan you can add extra storage if needed on that kind of vps.

For anyone interested in nextcloud hosting I've never found anything close to this pricing, plus you have full admin rights to add family/friends and enable any apps, plus only office or collaboration included. 35 euros a year for 50gb!!:)

@boilingsteam @sean

@sean @boilingsteam And hmm...what kind of VPS you have for 60 bucks a month. We bought the most powerful from our provider for around 40 Euros and we host a ton of services - see . It's a 10 vCPU Cores 60 GB RAM 1.6 TB SSD 1 Gbit/s Port.... We have hundreds of users already, if not close to 1k, and so far the server is barely used.
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