CONTROL is free on the Epic Games Store until the 17th of June apparently. I'm guessing it should probably work through the Heroic Launcher on Linux:

@boilingsteam I start download now, I will let you know if it works

@boilingsteam @Myrrdin I was able to download it with heroic, but it doesn't start. It does start through Lutris via the EGS though, using the Wine-Lutris-6.4-x86_64 runner. Uses DXVK (haven't found out yet how to install and use VKD3D) and works very well.
Played for about 2h, no issues.

@Corben78 @Myrrdin if you can download it you should be able to start it by calling Proton after the install through heroic/legendary

@boilingsteam @Corben78 it worked right out of the box with wine-6.3 but I had an error with installing a mono package on start. So I quit the game and tried to switch to proton-ge which I just installed the first time 😃 .

And whenever I try this with HGL it brakes the game and it is always a hassle to get it running again. I repaired and reinstalled the game twice until I got running again now with proton-ge-6.10.

But unfortunately I can't play it yet because I already started #MetroExodus.

@boilingsteam @Corben78 I still had the error with Proton-GE but it does not complain on following starts. I don't notice any other issues so far except It has the same annoying problem with dual monitor setup I already have with Metro Exodus.

I have to disable the second monitor to solve it.


@Myrrdin @Corben78 I'm going to give it a go on my end as well tomorrow

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