Pine64 is now selling the PineTime smartwatch (probably the first FOSS one!) with version 1.0 of InfiniTime (the name of the OS) as it's stable enough already:


I have no use for a smart watch but at their price of $25 + S&H it goes into the "why not ?" category.

@PublicNuisance I used to think this way too, and I got an Amazfit Bip last year to ensure that I did more exercise because of the COVID related isolation. It worked for that purpose at least, motivation-wise.

@boilingsteam @PublicNuisance
At my company's 2019 Xmas party, we were all gifted Fitbit smartwatches. The step count is useless, it's based on arm movements. I suspect it would be the same for the PineTime. But what I liked is the heart rate monitor for when I do sports. When you're middle-aged like me, it's prudent not to go above the recommended HR.

I stopped wearing my Fitbit when the Google buyout was confirmed.

A #PineTime would be a good companion for my #Pinephone.

I'm interested in the pine phone, but what are the alternatives to solve Google shit apps like navigation and Google voice for voicemail?
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