>Silicon Validation Software Engineer

>You will be developing Linux device drivers and user-land tests for exercising and testing the various subsystems in complex SoCs

So they test their SOCs with linux instead of their own OS? Strange.


oh, didn't know that is already a thing

@davidak maybe some SoCs run on Linux on the server side of things. after all Apple has cloud services as well and they probably do not run on iOS...

@boilingsteam it sounds like this job is just about testing the SoCs, with linux

they might run macOS later when it's the SoCs for Macs and iDevices

i think it would make sense to test on the OS that it will run later, but maybe it's easier with linux

apple has actually macOS Server. nowadays its just an app from the app store. it would be ironic when they use linux on their own servers instead, but it wouldn't surprise me. linux is just perfect for that


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