@boilingsteam I would rather be able to play games on Linux than worry about if they are native.
Epic took away Rocket League which was "native" so clearly native doesn't mean much.
Epic and non-compatible anti-cheats are the primary factor in preventing games on linux. It's much easier to get a developer to skip a library to make their game be fully linux capable than tell them they need to make a full second port.

@nbisby Rocket League actually stopped being native even before Epic took it away on their store (Psyonix dropped Mac/Linux support in early 2020). Otherwise agree with your sentiment, from a dev standpoint, Proton makes things a lot easier to serve more customers.

@boilingsteam Epic buying exclusivity to somehow give gamers more options and then offering a terrible experience even on windows has me a bit salty.
Tim Sweeney's attitude has never been great towards Linux, and everything Epic touches seems to turn out poorly for non-Windows OSes. (I doubt EAC would be solved for Linux by now, but I imagine Epic isn't helping).
And Psyonix was owned by Epic when they dropped Mac/Linux support. It's not purely EGS related, but it is Epic related, to a degree.


@nbisby Yeah, Epic's been a rather negative force, market-wise, both with their "no support" of Linux, EAC, and exclusivity in the EGS. It's a shame for Rocket League though, I completely lost interest in the game once Psyonix sold out.

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