Hi Linux users, how would you describe your current gaming habits on the platform?

@boilingsteam I play what few games my laptop can handle on my computer, otherwise I use my Xbox or phone for ones it can't

@boilingsteam It's more down to hardware limits than Linux limits for gaming for me

@LiziPancake So if you had a proper desktop + GPU you might play more on Linux?

@boilingsteam Oh absolutely, all the time, I love playing on Linux and most games that I'd want to play without native support run just fine under Wine or Proton

@boilingsteam Actually I use Windows only for playing games... cause compatibility for *some* games is the only advantage for Windows I can think of.

@boilingsteam I only play on linux, but I've had more luck with windows titles through proton, than native linux games 😅

There's only 4 options in Mastodon surveys, I would have added it otherwise

Almost completely Steam games.  Native is preferred, but I usually end up going with Proton.

Online multiplayer games with native Linux support don't always support playing with Windows users, so Proton comes to the rescue.

For me, in recent years, I only play one game on Linux/BSD: #Flightgear of course it’s #opensource

@boilingsteam What counts as an other platform? I have a lot of handhelds...

@boilingsteam I see. That's interesting. What do you learn from this information, then? Is spending a lot of time playing Candy Crush on your telephone and indictment of Linux?

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