Revised git master -> main thoughts 

Changing the branch name is something we *can* do. It's going to be very annoying and break a lot of things, but we *could* do it and it wouldn't be the end of the world.

I value software which is stable, and robust. I value making and keeping promises about how your software works to users. I value an objective, fact-driven engineering process. I don't think this issue is any of those things, so it's pretty obvious why it rubs me the wrong way.

I'm also still pretty sure that the campaign is largely led by white people who would presume to speak for their black peers, and I really fucking hate it when people presume to speak for someone else on moral grounds.

All things said, however, I do care about people's feelings, and I understand that there are legitimately some PoC who feel personally uncomfortable with the word. I have still never seen even one first-hand take from a PoC, but I've seen enough second-hand accounts to at least reduce confidence in my position.

So, I have been downgraded from "I am against this change" to "I am annoyed by this change". I call for a measured, unemotional discussion in the planning and execution of the change, careful not to presume that anyone is a racist for pushing for a more careful rollout. Give ample notice to affected parties and have a sense of empathy for those who are going to face problems resulting from the ensuing large-scale breakages.

Also, if you actually care about addressing systemic racism, and you're advocating for s/master/main/g, then you had fucking better be out there protesting, donating to charitable causes, and doing action of real significance, too.

@sir Also we absolutely need to get rid of the word "maestro" in orchestras since it's just the Italian name of Master and probably ridden with systemic oppression or something. Did people complain about that yet?


@sir Also looking forward to people who will have to find a new name to describe their "masters' degrees". That's going to be a lot of paperwork.

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