Relevant because Steam Machines were Linux-based hardware sold like consoles, and it failed miserably (for a number of reasons). The fact that Gaben talks about mistakes and this is the first one that comes to mind is telling...

@boilingsteam The Steam Machine was released 4 years before before Valve Proton. It was a *console* that had no games and worse performance than Windows. It doesn't really matter what operating system it would have been based on. The concept was a failure and it has nothing to do with Linux.

I mean the PlayStation runs BSD and that's not even remotely relevant for the BSD users in any way.

Of course it has something to do with Linux. Do you think we would have had something like 50 AAA games coming from nowhere available by the time Steam machines launched otherwise? Every other datapoint (once Valve dropped the ball the ports went away) clearly indicates such ports happened because of the Steam machines initiative.

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