Half Life Alix's trailer shows that there is absolutely no character movement. I guess this brings us back to the arcade first person shooters from the 90s like Time Crisis, albeit with better graphics and immersion.

This page shows three different movement options. From an expectation management perspective, it makes sense to not show movement for the type of trailer this is, where there's not room to communicate that there are multiple options.

What does "shift" refer to? Actual movement in the room? In any case everything that was shown in the trailer suggests that you will be in "super constrained environments" which is basically the typical limitation of VR right now.

@boilingsteam I assume it's similar to teleport, but it doesn't interrupt the camera. It doesn't really make sense to present motion tracked movement as a locomotion system alongside these others since it's an intrinsic part of the room scale experience rather than a mechanical system provided by the game (in the same way that it doesn't really make sense to mention motion tracking for hands).

@boilingsteam Since they're targeting seated experiences as well as room scale, environment traversal isn't likely to be as big a thing as it typically is in a Half-Life game. Feels safe to expect the game to focus on setpiece moments that are accessible to both room-scale and seated players.

It's a pity this game isn't going to have Linux support, at least for now.

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