Trying now to install Antergos on a different laptop, and the installer fails because one package changed name on Arch. Ugh. This is not the first time that Cnchi, the installer, fails at doing its job.

@boilingsteam Antergos installer is just bad. I would advise to just use archlinux and install it the „right“ way. Or use manjaro. I am using Solus currently. Happy with it. Too bad antergos installer sucks, iirc there is no real installer for arch out there?

i went for the vanilla arch install. I was done in 30 mins. Antergos is not worth the trouble.

I also want to say the Arch install was a lot easier than what most people make it sound like. There is a wrong perception that it is convoluted and arcane, while it is actually very, very logical and unsurprising.

@boilingsteam many people do not know how it is to install Linux without Ubuntu like installers. When you ever have installed Linux before the Ubuntu age then you know how annoying it could be. Therefor arch Linux isn’t complicated at all especially not with the awesome wiki they have. We didn’t have auch things back in the days. You had to mess around with stupid installers of suse, redhat etc. but I can understand that it is kinda intimidating to just have a command line for some.

oh, I am sure the situation was worse before, there is no debate about that. I was just making the point that all things considered, the Arch install, along with the wiki as you mentioned, is pretty straightforward and should not scare anyone.

@boilingsteam that’s right. But most are just scared of the commandline in general even tho there is a wiki and you don’t have to think about anything at all. So people don’t even try it. MOST do admit afterwards that it wasn’t hard at all, when they actually tried it. People are such „pussys“ :)

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