I had a bit of time today and decided to write about the potential negative impact of PC games stores fragmentation, and propose a future way out:

LOL, you clearly have not the slightest clue while steam&Co exist and what their business model is, you think only of the Lord view of a customer - it's Support and hosting. Good for indie studies to have even a chance against AAA. Also that AAA publishers have not high prices monopoly ( higher than now)...

...It worked so good for valve in ways of making money that even epic/Bethesda now did their own thing with locked down own games only stores. You should see at e.g. Fallout76 that quality of gaming now again is getting worse. Your solution for this fragmentation is even more fragmentation, because you believe splitted up stores from AAA-publishers freely share their money or game development studios!? For the sake of us quality customers? Lol!

...The opposite happened with seeing eyes, they all locked up, taking the games from steam. Taking away support and hosting cost from trsditional stores makes them obsolete and unable to earn money. Prices of games in future will not fall, maybe rise. It's Pandora's box the gamer opened by accepting blizzard/ea/ubi its own stores. Like they accepted it on Dlc flooding before through there buying decisions. 3/3

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